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Available Positions

GP Sales Consulting LLC dba Streamline Office Solutions, Orlando, FL is recruiting for the position of IT Project Manager.

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External IT Project (40%)

  • Lead projects that will help clients optimize their IT infrastructure to take full benefit of company’s current office product offerings, such as multifunctional copy machines.
  • Develop IT consulting project with new clients to solve their current business problem, including selecting new computer system, e.g. accounting/finance, making client executive presentation, case study documentation, and recommendation of action plan, and ensuring proper deliverables.
  • Create new client project plans, such as new office IT build on network, servers, and workstations,
  • Responsible for development of project cost estimates.
  • Align with other name-branded vendor companies, such as Microsoft, Dell, and Nextiva (VoIP phone provider), to broaden the product offering.
  • Sign and manage Managed IT Service contract to help businesses receive improved IT services and business continuities at an affordable price.

Internal IT project (30%)

  • Help all departments (admin, accounting, IT, HR, sales, and service operation) accomplish company goals by documenting their processes and procedures, then digitizing them into the electronic document management system (DocuWare).
  • Integrate current ERP system with business processes, such as accounting, operations, etc…
  • Build an IT Team by hiring the right talent, evaluating performance, coaching relevant skills and the right mindset, and helping team members develop their career road map.
  • Coordinate with production and service team, supporting installation and service requests of clients to contribute to their highest satisfaction.
  • Formalize internal IT team process, create training program for new members joining the team, and lead team members toward a unified goal.
  • Architect, design, build, and manage internal IT infrastructure, including application process engines, secure data storage (servers), and workstations, to support day-to-day operation in the field for accessing the system remotely, troubleshooting, and performance tuning, and impose security policy.
  • Enhance external client relationship by quickly responding to and solving critical internal IT system problems.

Management (20%)

  • Review external and internal IT project with associate team members and clients each week in order to manage time and resources, to budget properly, and to make corrective actions if needed.
  • Meet with company executive team every week to understand current sales pipeline in terms of upcoming revenue in existing and future projects and to compare to financial reports ensuring that IT team is accomplishing objectives.
  • Manage project in line with budgets with clients and company executive team and discuss alternative plans to guarantee the desired margin.
  • Oversee setup of a bookkeeping system to manage IT side of business and to have a clear, easy to read reporting.

Customer Engagement Support (10%)

  • Prepare and perform client presentations and demonstrations on Managed IT Services or DocuWare document management systems, creating a trusting relationship.
  • Oversee the creation of web site content, HTML page coding, set-up of hosting in company’s Amazon cloud server, and extraction/collection of web site analytics, for office equipment and IT Services lines of business.
  • Work with marketing team in analysis of sales lead data to determine target customers to focus marketing effort, using Google AdWords, social media Ads, email campaign, and Google Analytics.
  • Meet with potential clients, assess their needs, and analyze gathered information to put forth proposals relating to with our current product offerings, to create an action plan for client to improve their IT infrastructure, business process, or IT policy and security.


  • Master of Business Administration or other relevant Master’s degree with coursework in Operations Management.

3 years of experience in:

  • Managing IT infrastructure, including ERP integration, any critical business application development, computer network build, computer system improvement or migration, and deploying devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) to the end user.
  • Developing and building teams.
  • Monitoring and controlling resources, including budget, team member labor hours, project deadlines, and actual spending.

2 years of experience in:

  • Website build (or 1 year experience plus web developer certificate)
  • Data analytics skills— Google analytics or other big data software, such as Apache Hadoop, SAS, or SPSS software (or 1 year experience plus certificate in one of these).
  • Implementing Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software, Document Management software, Customer Relationship software, OR Inventory Management software.
  • Coding in C, C++, Objective C, HTML5, ColdFusion, OR Python (or 1 year plus certificate in one of these).
  • SQL database management software, such as MS SQL, My SQL, or Oracle (or 1 year plus certificate in one of these).
  • Computer troubleshooting OR computer support.
  • Consulting with clients to transfer their needs into detail plans, system specifications, and project tasks.
  • Managing vendor relationship OR supply chain management.
  • Managing computer service activities of a company, including deciding service level from organizational needs and designing a proper service plan to support that service level.

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